Avatar The Airbender: #538 Zuko [Chase Variant]

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The youngest Fire Lord Zuko is here in a special edition Chance of Chase! 

Zuko was the prince of the Fire Nation banished by his father, Fire Lord Ozai, and sought to capture or kill Avatar Aang to redeem himself. Zuko believes that finding and returning to the Fire Nation with the Avatar will restore his honor and place within his homeland. However, after Aang stripped Ozai of his bending and ended the war, Zuko was crowned as the new Fire Lord, giving a speech promising world order and harmony with the aid of the Avatar at his coronation. 

If you're a fan of the Avatar or loved the series as a kid, you know how great Zuko's character development is. Add this rare find from GeekYard Collectibles to your Avatar collection.

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