Batman: #475 Talia Al Ghul [SDCC '23 Exclusive]

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“You see, it's the slow knife... the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between the bones... that's the knife that cuts deepest.”

Introducing the highly anticipated Batman - Talia Al Ghul SDCC 2023 Summer Convention Exclusive Pop! Vinyl. This remarkable collectable captures the enigmatic and formidable Talia Al Ghul from the DC Universe in breathtaking detail. With its stunning design and dynamic pose, this limited edition Pop! Vinyl showcases Talia's elegance and strength, making it a standout addition to any Batman collection. From her sleek costume to her piercing gaze, every aspect of this figure embodies the essence of this complex character. As a SDCC 2023 exclusive, this Pop! Vinyl is a must-have for fans and collectors, ensuring its exclusivity and desirability. Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary piece of Batman lore from GeekYard Collectibles and bring the mystique of Talia Al Ghul to your display!

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