Captain planet: #1293 Gaia [SDCC '23 Exclusive]

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Introducing the Captain Planet - Gaia SDCC 2023 Summer Convention Exclusive Pop! Vinyl, a captivating collectable that embodies the essence of environmental stewardship and the power of nature. This exquisite figure captures Gaia, the spirit of Earth, in breathtaking detail and vibrant colours.

With her serene expression and majestic presence, this limited edition Pop! Vinyl serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our planet. From the intricately sculpted elements of her flowing hair to the ethereal energy emanating from her hands, every aspect of this figure celebrates Gaia's role as the guiding force behind Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

GeekYard Collectibles brings you SDCC 2023 exclusive Pop! Vinyl. A must-have for fans and collectors, showcasing the enduring legacy of Captain Planet and inspiring a commitment to protect the environment. Embrace the power of Gaia and add a touch of eco-consciousness to your collection!

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