LightYear: #1230 Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger [Box not Mint]

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Please Note: Does not come with the Funko Exclusive sticker

"This is an intergalactic emergency.”

Buzz Lightyear has landed in his Alpha Suit! This space ranger is equipped to save humanity, but to do that, Buzz and his green team need to make sure that they don’t die. His team of rookies can’t have been relied upon for much, but we can trust Mo to remind them to not die every few seconds. But hey, his team can’t be that bad, right?

Despite having the team of rookies amongst rookies, Buzz stands triumphantly with his hand outstretched and the other drawn back into a tight fist. This Pop! is not to be underestimated. With his brow slightly quirked, he scans the terrain and anticipates danger at every corner. Armoured with his Alpha Suit, Lightyear will fight for the good of others.

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